603 Highway 62 W.
Bertrand, Missouri

About Us

We don’t view an injury or illness from its limitations, but instead from the possibility and hope for improvement and a way of life.

We’re a seasoned team of care providers here at Bertrand Nursing & Rehab Living Center. We have 160 years of combined experience in direct long-term and short-term care. Our residents experience a quality of life second to none because we’ve established focus and care that allows our residents to live, love, and enjoy life. As our administrator likes to say, “We’re not a warehouse for old people with health problems. We’re a place for residents to have the highest quality of life they can achieve.” This sentiment resonates throughout our entire operation, and we are unwavering in our devotion to provide residents the highest quality of life they can live.

Financial Needs:

Each resident has a personal plan of care produced within 24 hours of admittance, and a post-admission care plan meeting within 7 days of resident’s admittance. We provide legal resources to assist family and residents in their journey, and are happy to reproduce any documents needed at no cost to family or residents.
Due to the needs of short-term and long-term care residents, we’re able to facilitate and file applications and/or claims with both Medicaid and co-insurance. As needed, we accept residents during the period that paperwork is being processed, with no commitment to pay during the application process.
We also work to expedite Medicare and Medicaid claims for our residents as needed, and with our current ownership, not a single resident has been required to pay out of pocket if they’ve had Medicare, Medicaid, and/or co-insurance for all nursing and medical service during this Medicare short-term stay.

Our Staff:

We are an organization that cares for your family as if we are caring for our own family member. We involve family members in our plan of care discussions. We are not just concerned about the physical needs but also the spiritual as well. We have several churches from the area that provide services on a weekly basis.

Resident Concierge:

Just like upscale hotels have a concierge to serve its guest, we have a Resident Concierge at the disposal of our residents to meet their individual special request; such as shopping, changing out of season clothes, special trips or outings, etc.