603 Highway 62 W.
Bertrand, Missouri

Short Term Care

Rehabilitation of our residents and a return home for independent living is the most important part of our work here at Bertrand Nursing & Rehab Living Center. Half of all of our admissions are able to return to their home and live independently after engaging in rehabilitation with us.
Our achievable goal is to help residents return home with the level of functioning they held prior to any injury, illness, or incident they’ve experienced. Whether an injury, illness, other health issue, we’re prepared to help you return home in the best of health.
Our average length of stay here at Bertrand Nursing & Rehab Living Center is only 46 days, with short-term care offered for up to 100 days. Our team specializes in spine, hips, knees, and shoulders for those with joint issues. We also specialize in several other medical issues, including neurological disorders, congestive heart failure, COPD, general weakness, and orthopedic problems. Residents who experience issues with digestive functions will also find an expert level of care with us.

Something we take the utmost pride in is helping residents live a quality life, whether during their stay, or once returned home. As an average, fifty plus percent of our residents return home after an injury or illness.